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Please help (golf clubs)


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I was walking my dog last night and I saw a chidrens electric car thing(the kind that ride in) and a set of golf clubs, just sitting on someones lawn nest to the street.

I asked the guy if he was throwing said things away and he said "yeah, you could take em if you want em" (awesome!).


I dont golf, I might try, now that ive got clubs, but if I dont I'd want to sell them.


Ok heres where your help comes in, how much would they sell for?


Its a whole set, Spalding, graphite shaft. I know there not worth much at all because there spalding, but I just wanted to know if they were worth anything at all.




There has to be some golfers here.

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Sorry bro' date=' but Spalding clubs are like the bargin beginner sets you can buy from Walmart. Brand new maybe $100 or even less. You'd be lucky to get $25.00 for them.[/quote']


Thank you, I figured as much:).


Id be happy to get twenty for em, I got em for freeeee:cool:



I love free things, pure profit.

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