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UFC Presentation updates needed?


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I've been watching the UFC since the begining and obviously the presentation aspect has come a very long way as has the fighting.


I've been tossing around some thoughts on how to improve and expand MMA as a mainstream sport. I think some of the issues MMA has is a lack of understanding of what is happening in the cage. While I understand that alot of people watch the sport to see a blood bath that doesn't mean that the UFC can't go the extra mile to educate people on what is actually happening in there and why fighters do the things they do. Rogan and Goldie do a good job of trying to verbally explain what you are seeing during the fights but things can change so quickly I think it is probably hard for non-martial artisits to follow.


What I'd love to see are segements either weekly on a show or perhaps just in between fights showing various MMA techniques and styles. Kind of giving people an idea of what fighters are trying to do and what some of the set ups for techniques are. Sort of like what sports like football do showing how certain plays are run during the pregame shows. You could have different fighters showing different things ranging form BJJ and wresting to foot work and striking to defensive techniques. Just kind of short few minute clips of the basic idea of certain things and educate people on what to look for while watching the fights.


I was just thinking that including some sort of MMA education segments into the presentation could go a long way in attracting long term casual fans and proabably practioners.People like to understand what they are seeing even if they are just watching to see a KO.

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