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Cro Cop Vs Mir


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Let me start off with saying I love Mirko. He is by far my favorite fighter, but i see this playing off like Frank Mir vs Kongo. Frank Mir is arguably still ranked in the top 10 of the heavy weight division where as Cro Cop is in the top 20. I dont see this as being a good match up. Now come fight night I will pray to every god possible that Cro Cop pulls out a victory and we see him shut down Mir like he did Barnett. I think he has the tools available lets hope the motivation. Regardless its gonna be fun to see him fight again and have his own countdown. I do my best to follow everything Cro Cop related and so I thought id make a post.

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I'm actually taking Cro Cop.


Cro Cop EASILY has better stand-up than Mir' date=' and Mir WILL NOT be able to take down Cro Cop.

His TDD is freakishly good.[/quote']


that sounds like the Pride Cro Cop (who i would take over Mir by KTFO)...he has looked shaky in the UFC...so i think Mir will take him down...but Mir has good enough hands to stand with this UFC Cro Cop...

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