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1. "Penn doesn't deserve the rematch in any way and has recently talked himself out of the good will he built up by formerly not being a poor sport about his original loss. Frankie is confident and, in my opinion, the clear fan favorite for this fight now. So much hype has been behind Penn for his entire career that people were shocked to see him lose to Edgar the first time. I wasn't shocked and I won't be shocked on Saturday when Edgar continues from his late round dominance of Penn and out points the Hawaiian demigod and puts him in his rightful place. Penn has said that Edgar will find out what it's like to be in there with the champion. I guess the last time around, Frankie didn't find that out. I guess last time it wasn't the real BJ Penn. Or maybe it was the real BJ Penn and finally when somebody wasn't intimidated by his hype machine he was found out for the over rated, flat footed, front running baby that he really is. I have news for BJ Penn; it's he that will find out what it's like to be in there with the champion. He is the challenger here, much like when he challenged St. Pierre. I don't know that Frankie will take him down and pass his guard at will like Georges did but he will dance around Penn, again, and out point Penn, even more considerably than last time, and there won't be any more excuses for the aptly named Baby Jay."


Wow, this guy clearly knows what's really going on. Hahahahahahahahaha. I have been telling fools that BJ Penn is not a great fighter for several years now. He isn't. I was 100% right about that. He is a good fighter, not a great fighter and nowhere near an all time great fighter. He is 15-7-1 guys. I don't care how you slice it, he's nothing special. He has lost more title fights than he's won, at this point in his career. I don't mind saying that I told you all so because this guy is really deserving of his fate. As for Frankie, he's magnificent. I am and was an Edgar fan anyways. That being said, I thought he'd beat Penn but beating him dominantly and resoundingly with little to no difficulty at all was a bit unseen. What a champion. Take notes people, that's what a real champion looks like for those Penn fans that are used to Penn looking like a champion only when he's fighting guys that don't have the skill set to be in there with him. Frankie Edgar is one of the top 3 fighters, pound for pound, in the entire sport of mixed martial arts. If anybody thinks he couldn't drop to 145 and spank Aldo now too, then write me your name and address please and I'll come to your home town and slap you back to reality.


2. Randy Couture proved something that has been the most considerable argument in MMA forum history, "Polar bears could totally take crocodiles." It's official, something like James Toney (the crocodile in this analogy) that has only single strike ability against someone like a Polar Bear (Randy) that can grapple means that the likely outcome will always be the animal with the more well rounded game. Outside of this ridiculous argument, Randy getting a black belt for submitting a guy that has been training MMA with a government defense training contractor that has no ground game himself, is actually one step further along the stupidity line than Mir getting a black belt for submitting Tim Sylvia. It makes me wonder just how stupid people really are.


3. Gray Maynard looked very good. I was actually quite surprised. He seems to have much much better performances against guys that are really good than he does against other guys. I actually don't even think he won the Diaz fight but he dominated Florian and Edgar in their fight. He is strong, he can wrestle, and he was full marks for beating a very tough Florian last night though, so good for him. The Lightweight division will have the fight that it should have had last night. I think Frankie will be too diverse for Gray now and will likely reverse him on the ground now but maybe not. It will be intriguing either way.


4. Demian Maia proved that he's, by far, the best grappler in the sport of MMA last night. Jacare couldn't submit and couldn't really even get near a good position against Villasenor or Kennedy, in fact he should have lost the fight to Kennedy, and Maia came out and beat another good middle weight, with no trouble at all. Let's be honest with ourselves. Jacare is famous for things in grappling that don't translate to MMA well at all. The X guard, please. He's just an athlete. He, literally, took Drysdale down at the ADCC's and lay and prayed a boring win this year because he was scared to actually trade maneuvers with him. He's not technical like Maia. He's not anywhere near the striker either. He looks much better doing it but he's far less effective. If Maia didn't freeze up and put on a poor showing against Silva, there wouldn't even be a question as to who is better, by this time. Maia's the truth, he's the best grappler in the sport.


5. Diaz totally owned Davis. I thought he would be the better fighter, and specifically the better striker. The pitter patter striking style that the Diaz brothers employ is very effective. These guys are very crude and not all that refined as people but there is no question about whether they are true fighters that come in to fight and not to dance around, and they are very game. I actually like the Diaz brothers now. They have earned my respect.


6. I have to laugh at the idea that Randy thinks he's close to a title shot at 205. He will more than likely fight Tito next, if Tito can beat Hamill, and then get thrown into a title fight with Rua, or Evans, more than likely Rua though. I actually won't complain about this. I really want to see that fight. I want to see Rua end Randy's career. I have wanted to see that for a while now. It would put a morbid grin on my face. I hate Randy. Why is he shaving his chest like a 20 something trying out for a Vampire movie role? I think he's letting his acting go to his head. He's by far the worst actor in the Expendables too and that's saying something.

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