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What camp should Bj move to ?


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Although I wouldn't say he "should" do anything I'd say AKA and ATT would be the best choices.

IMO AKA is the best camp in terms of gameplanning, which is just what BJ needs.

Then we have ATT, who have a MONSTROUS roster, great fighters in each division.

There's so much to learn in a camp like that.

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Honestly I don't think it matters as long as it's not run by his relatives and yes men he has surrounded himself with in Hilo.


ANY other camp with top notch guys to train with and someone who will give the straight goods to him and push him to excel.


Thing is I don't know that BJ has the drive anymore. Put yourself in his shoes. Rich, with a young family and he has done pretty much everything to be done in the sport. He has been champ multiple times. I doubt he will ever be hurting for money so what is left for him to fight for or leave his family for extended periods to train?

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