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Ah' date=' the camel! It was last seen in Big Bad Booty Brads cell on D-wing. His cellmate, Simon Shirley The Wannabee Girly was released last week.[/quote']


Ah, i liked Mrs Shirley, remember the time you left her to babysit me whilst you went out for recreation time.


I use to love playing find the sausage but she never let me actually see it, only feelers. Wasn't too smart though, she always hid it in the same place.

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BEG or Lace87 or 86 or whatever it is' date=' one has experience, one has youth


i like hanging out with females, they are better to look at & more fun. [b']they are always useful for atleast something[/b].


Cooking and Cleaning. Kidding that was quite sexist of me. But my pick would be GOD1 so we can talk about how great Shogun is.

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