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Thoughts on (the very predictable) 118


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118 definitely wasn't a classic was it? Every fight went exactly the way a lot of people thought they would (including me). And I'm ****ing tired of the hype around certain fights and fighters now as well.


Penn vs Edgar - BJ got outworked, outstruck and out grappled by a 5'6 kid from jersey who should be fighting at 145. Much like fedor, his days are now over. The game has moved on and he doesn't look that great anymore.


Toney vs Couture - Complete joke but glad it happened. People needed to see how irrelevant boxing on its own is in mma to start understanding it. Hope Toney doesn't start mouthing off about how he's gonna comeback and try again etc. Stick to bumfighting you old fart.


Maia vs Miranda - Another v predictable fight. Maia dominates on the ground but showed worrying lack of cardio as he literally just lay down from exhaustion towards the end of the third. If Anderson retires or loses to sonnen then maia is probably favourite to become MW champion.


Florian vs Maynard - I'm sick of Florian now. No heart or mental strength. Great technique etc but souless. Get on the scrapheap with BJ you overhyped donkey.


Ah well, not much till ufc 121 now. Don't even get me started on the brown pride hype machine of velasquez. I'm sick of that too...

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