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Does Anybody...?


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Shane and Cain have the best chance. You see a pattern happening?


The top guys seem to be getting closer and closer to losing(besides GSP as of yet)


Fedor was getting tooled by Arlovski and Rogers before getting submitted by Werdum. Anderson got close to losing before the Triangle Choke.


And Brock was getting beat before he came back and won.


BJ and Machida already lost.

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cain wont be that much smaller come fight time. look at ufc 116 look how much bigger cain looked then he usually does, also look at all the time he had to gain muscle before starting training. the nog fight. thats a lot of time to build muscle. as for jds i think he can knock him out in the first 3 minutes before lesnar decides to take him down, lesnars chin is terrible.

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