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BJ Penn the Front Runner


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I think everyone could agree that BJ Penn is a very talented fighter. He has fought some great fighters and made them look like amateurs.


In those fights though BJ started off strong. Then throughout the fight he stayed aggressive and stayed dominant. When Penn gets ahead in a match up he thrives.


Just like GSP though, Frankie demoralized him. BJ Penn has no heart when it comes to falling behind like that. He kept answering the bell, but last night he looked like a guy who thought he shouldn't belong in that ring with the champ. Even when the ten second signal for the fifth round went, he still wasn't moving forward.


I loved watching BJ fight in the past and I was rooting for him last night, but he was beaten by a better fighter and everybody saw what happens to Penn when someone else takes the reigns and controls the tempo. He doesn't adjust. I hope Penn can bounce back and put on some great fights at LW or WW but he's in a weird spot now after losing twice to Edgar. I don't know about anybody else, but I'm not really at all interested in Penn vs. Edgar 3.

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