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Toney was lucky fighting Randy..


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I was just watching the fight again ( LMFAO again) and I was thinking about how lucky James was to fight Randy..Randy's plan was to just go in there and make quick work of Toney.wich he did :P But imagine if it was someone else Toney was fighting, someone who did got a bit offended by all of Toney's trashtalk..Lets say a guy like Brock, Brock would have demolished Toney's face for 4 minutes after the take down and then just submit him before the end of the round, just to make an even bigger example then Randy already did..Toney said he wanted to fight the Champ first but he couldnt cause Brock was out because of his illness..Well James''ChokedOut''Toney you better thank God on ur knee's he was out with an illness, he would have rearranged ur face and choked u out! BLEE DAT!!!


I did NOT pay my lectric bill..wutcha gunn do bout it?!?!?

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