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Toney's pay, i really need to know


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Is there anyone out there that knows for certain how much this piece of **** made. I swear to god if he really made between 750 and a million to fight, its going to really bother my opinion of the sport i love so much. Dana if you let this waste make this much its going to change my opinion of you, which up until now i have respected you greatly. First its this **** with Brock at UFC 100, and you hardly said **** with his antics and flicking off the crowd??? Then this ******** with bashing Anderson Silva, your pound for pound king, and you bash him because you put another ******** oponent in front of him. That **** didnt start with MAIA, it started with Thales Leites, You get mad at silva, he did exactly what anyone else would do defend the belt. He got bored cause you guys didnt put a challenge in front of him, im surprised he just didnt give the title up and say **** it. Now as far as this **** with Toney. All the **** talk, and he shows up and does nothing.. You know i quit watching boxing because of this ****, it became fake , corrupt, and not worth watching anymore cause all the fighters care about is money, and it SMELLS like thats what went on Saturday night, this was all a bunch of ********. **** Toney, **** Boxing, please Dana dont let this ******** gets its way over into MMA. And god i pray you didnt have anything to do with this ******** that went on lastnight. Did he really get paid almost a million??????????????????????????

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