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Funny photshops of good fighters


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wtf ? is this the " lets make fun of shogun " photoshop thread ?:P


Mirko too! Mirko too....:)


that'd be awesome. too bad you couldn't get a sticky where only you could post in it but everyone could view it.


I did have a sticky one time' date=' but Frank Mir complained. So it got taken away. Ask G__row.


Yeah, I wish I could change my user name. But, it's too late.


What would it be?

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It's too late' date=' but yeah, I'd do it. Everyone has seen my writing style and the way I answer questions. It would be too hard for me to try and be someone I'm not....[/quote']


you have a point.


or, you could stop capitalizing, posting with abbreviation, and stop using emoticons, and stop being so polite


could be interesting trying to figure out who you are.

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LOL. You are so funny.


i'm not kidding


brewmma and i are trying to reveal who he really is.


and i am certain i have it narrowed down to two possible people.


once i reveal his identity you are more than welcome to make another account.


it will only be time before i pick up on your subtle mistakes and reveal who you are.

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