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My Take on UFC 118!


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Now that the initial flood of threads about 118 has past i would like to just chip in my two cents about the event!


Alot of people have been saying the event sucked but in all fairness it was not the worst event ever was it! I mean we got two upsets in the form of Frankie dominating the once untouchable BJ Penn and Gray Maynard grinding out a dominating Victory against who alot of people thought had the fight in the bag Kenny Florian!


There was also a steamroller victory for Joe Lauzon over Gabe Ruediger! The most Dominate performance of the night and pretty Much Joe Did not even break a sweat in handing Gabe his first loss in his return fight to the octagon since 2006! Now that was the most exciting fight i have seen in a long time and perhaps some of you seen my thread named Wow! Wow! Wow! where i described about creaming my pants i got so excited now if Joe Lauzon does not get to the title i will be very surprised! This Kid has alot of heart and always brings his A game to the table no matter who he is fighting and has only been to the decision once in his 23 fight career and that is very impressive! I do like people who can get the job done on the ground and with that his 14th??? victory by submission now dont get me wrong i love a good knockout but there i always something more spectacular about a nice technical sub!


I'll have the sub over the KO anyday!


Next ill cover the Dan Miller vs John Salter fight! Now Dan surprised me in this fight with some good accurate boxing and some excellent combinations! Dan really showed how he has been working hard to further complete his overall game! Its always good to see a mid tier fighter try and improve! Although he has improved his boxing somewhat he still showed that he is still a bit iffy with his take down defence in which i would like to see him improve for his next fight as im a bit of a Dan Miller fan i would personally love for him to conquer the division yet i know it may be a long shot well a very long shot yet im a big fan so STFU haters haha! Even though i have nicked at his TD defence i am yet again impressed at his control from the bottom and did not let Salter pass his guard and when he did was quickly able to return to the full guard! And yet again in the second round showed why you can not underestimate Dan's Ju-Jitsu game! Salter left his head a little to high on going for the take down and got caught by an excellent power guillotine! Yet again a lovely Sub so i had a *****! And an overall great performance in a do or die fight for Dan Miller!


Rgiht now onto the Number 1 contender fight which consisted of Gray Maynard and Kenny Florian! But rather that comment on Grays excellent performance i would rather point out that Kenny seems to choke in important fights He pretty much did not try and do anything the whole fight apart from the last 2 mins of the fight where he almost had Gray in a omoplata but other than that there was nothing! As soon as Gray got a hold of Kenny he seemed to give up! now i dont know why but thats what it seemed like to me and i wonder why you guys think that is ??? I mean he must have known going into the third round he was down 2 rounds to nill yet he did not push the pace and did not really attempt anything magnificent the whole third round excluding the omoplata attempt! Could his ind be playing tricks on him??? has he lost all of his confidence or is it the possibility that there was a chance he may have had to fight BJ again put him clean off wanting to win that fight??? I thought it was real strange! i think that was perhaps plaguing him up until the final seconds of the 3rd round where he finally got his head in the fight and tried for the omoplata! but what do you guys think of this ? dont you think it was rather strange he sort of gave up as soon as Gray got hold of him???


right the good stuff on the UFCs hyped Boxing vs MMA superfight! Multiple time champ against Multiple time champ! But rather thatn say it was boxing vs MMA i think as soon as Toney stepped foot into that he WAS an MMA star for a while not a boxing star! Now just because Toney was the most accomplished Boxer ever to try his hand at our sport of MMA dont mean **** really as soon as Toney stepped in side we were not looking at James Toney the Boxer we were looking at how James Toney would do as a an MMA fighter! Unfortunately as we seen he was very flat footed but hey Toney did not know what to expect and was trying to keep a a good centre of gravity but Couture dropped and got a single then immediately got into the mount position where he proceeded to beat Toney down and then submit him but my hat is off to Toney for giving it a whirl and managing to survive that long! But all that fight showed up was exactly what UFC 1 showed us a 1 dimentional striker has no business being in the octagon you go in knowing one disipline your gonna get beat up or submitted and that is what happened!


As soon as Frankie Edgar got a hold of BJs back and threw him to the ground i instantly knew BJ was gonna lose that fight! I mean i have never seen fear in BJ's eyes before but right there when he got took down the first time you seen the fear and frustration well into BJs head!


Thats pretty much all i have to say about that fight BJ looked Scared from that takedown then proceeded to get dominated but i blame BJs corner they did nothing to motive him or give him advise his whole team are a bunch of yes men and i think BJ needs to lose them or suffer a similar defeat over and over again!


but big props to Frankie on his amazing win :)


but over all a real good event some would disagree but it was a real good event! i would not mid watching it again actually and cant wait to see Frankie avenge his loss to Maynard cant wait :)

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Great post, Millers stand up has improved drastically, he was outstruck by Maia, then he did quite well against bisping then Tee'd off on salter which is a huge improvement!


Also the Lauzon fight was amazing and he treated Gabe like he was a child!


I liked the Maia fight aswell, i love to watch Maia dominate on the ground and the fact that he takes chances in going for subs even though he loses positions makes it obvious that he doesn't just want a UD. Miranda however was in defence mode the whole time but props to him for surviving.


Grey did great, i though florian would catch him then finish with a sub, but Kenny didn't even throw so i agree, he did choke a bit and when gray got the takedown you could see his heart get drained.


The Edgar/BJ fight was shocking to me, the first thing frankie did was pick him up and slam him down! Something that GSP had trouble doing in the first round. Penn just got dominated and i was surprised, frankie even beat him on the ground which was where i though Penn was going to choke him out.


Overall a decent event, only a few finishes though. However the winner fight was horrible lol, just goes to show a powerfull wrestler can get a UD off fighters no matter how skilled they are.

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Always fun reading your post Cayne.


Just one comment' date=' if you don't mind me being a pain... use more "," and "." :-)[/quote']


well you know what i aint a professional writer so stfu lol


edit miss understood so ill stick with STFU haha

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Thanks toilet seat


em i was gona go into them all but decided the more exciting one firsts then got bored haha


yeah Damien IMpressed me too showed no fear the whole fight which was great to see!


Haha, well you seemed to type out a lot :)


True, Maia looked determined to win although he did seem to gas himself out with that flopping on his back at the end!


I think he realises that if chael wins the championship, he will have a huge chance to beat sonnen and IMO he has the perfect style to beat him.

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Great post' date=' Millers stand up has improved drastically, he was outstruck by Maia, then he did quite well against bisping then Tee'd off on salter which is a huge improvement![/quote']


To borrow what I posted on another site before the Bisping fight:


Also, reports of how thoroughly he was beaten standing are overplayed, as well. While obviously it?s not a good thing to lose a fight that took place mostly on the feet to Maia, there?s some things people overlook with it.


For starters, the third round was won by Maia getting Dan down, which actually happened after Miller dropped him standing and went in to throw a few punches standing over him, and Maia snagged a leg as he was backing out, so you can?t really say Maia won that round?s striking.


Two of the three judges scored the bout 29-28, meaning of the two rounds spent standing, they gave one (the first) to Miller, by a wide enough margin to counter a few Maia takedowns which lead to minimal time on top. In fact, I?d argue the other judge that gave Maia the first was swayed more by the takedowns than a clear striking advantage by Maia in the frame, as Sherdog?s PBP makes note of a total of one of Maia?s strikes (shots after the low blow excepted) landing in a manner noteworthy enough to make the PBP, and it?s a grazing head kick.


Finally, you can not discount the disadvantage of guarding against the takedown, a likely non-issue against Bisping. Miller wanted no part of going to the mat, even though he proved more than capable of holding his own at the end of the day, and as such wasn?t really able to let his hands go, and was likely caught of guard at Maia?s decision in the second to forgo the relatively unsuccessful takedown strategy for a straight-up striking plan.


Dan is no Anderson Silva standing, and doesn't claim to be, but since the Maia bout the "he was outstruck by Maia" card is thrown around very casually to discredit his striking game, and used in such a way as to imply that Maia just picked him apart cleanly for 15 minutes. While he didn't do much striking in his other UFC fights, he decisively won what striking there was in every fight before that, and as I said above, while the fight was mostly standing, a large part of Maia winning was getting takedowns, and it can be argued Dan won the striking in the first, and he certainly won the striking in the third. Throw in that Dan was fighting reserved to avoid the ground with him, and it wasn't as dreadful a performance as it's often played off as in hindsight.


That being said, I do agree he's made significant strides since then. I know he spent some time working with Frankie's boxing coach in the lead up to the Salter fight, and he definitely looked the much more confident fighter on the feet on Saturday.

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