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Who's on top?


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1. Shogun Rua

2. GSP

3. Anderson Silva

4. Jose Aldo

5. Mr. Lesnar


I really don't see any of these guys losing in the near future. Shogun is probably gonna win against Rashad, GSP won't lose anytime soon, Anderson Silva will probably beat Chael in a rematch in an impressive style, Jose Aldo is dominating at Featherweight, and Lesnar won't lose anytime soon.

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1. Silva(I'm not a fan)

2. Aldo

3. Overeem

4. Werdum( he did beat fedor who was number 1#,and just becase he isn't in the ufc doesn't mean he shouldn't be 1# HW)

5. GSP(really dislike him but he's dominated all of his recent opponents)


Honorable mention: Edgar, shogun, lesnar(really hate him but he has beaten tough competition although in a not so impressive way)

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