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New Article - UFC 118 Report and Analysis


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Well, Frankie Edgar has officially silenced his critics. He has solidified himself as the number one lightweight fighter in the entire world. Watching this bout was like witnessing a school yard bully take on the nerdy kid at lunch. Edgar?s head movement, foot movement and takedowns were on a completely different level than their first bout. It was heart-wrenching to see Edgar do that to Penn. BJ had no answers for ?The Answer? as Edgar completely outworked BJ until the bell sounded at the end of the 5th round. Frankie?s grappling and striking were far superior, and this isn?t an easy thing to say when you are talking about going up against BJ Penn?arguably the best striker and grappler at lightweight of all time. Edgar came in with the same game plan, but a heavier skill set and outworked BJ Penn for a unanimous decision. Edgar will now face Maynard for his second title defense. Also, one can only wonder what BJ Penn is going to do next? Welterweight again?


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