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Least Interesting Title Fight??


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yup. the two last defences of SIlva' date=' vs Maia and Leites.[/quote']


They weren't the last two? You forgot Sonnen and Cote. Nevertheless, I agree that they were both pretty boring. Leites was worse in my opinion. At least Maia kept on fighting til the end while Leites was just flopping onto his back and hoping Silva would dive into his guard.

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Anderson Silva vs Thales Leites


Bingo... even worse than the Maia fight... even though Silva was toying with both, Maia at least kept on his feet for the most part and took quite a number of shots... also, given the Cote and Leites fight, I expect the Maia fight to go the way it did...


However, the Leites fight was a bit more of a surprise, and the fact that this guy would take any opportunity to roll over and play dead hoping Silva would jump in was retarded... at some point these guys just gotta go for it...

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