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Official UFC Forum Rankings: Light-Heavyweight Division


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This is the final installment of a 5 part series called "Official UFC Forum Rankings." The original post can be found here: http://forums.ufc.production.sparkar...ht=the_bear413


These rankings are unbiased and fact-based. These rankings are not solely mine. I am doing this for the community. Please click the above link and read the criteria. I believe the criteria is the best and most fair way to do rankings. If you would like to alter the criteria, reply to the other thread and I will look into it.


If you do not approve of these rankings, by all means make a reply. They are not set in stone and I encourage people to respectfully disagree.


1. Mauricio Rua

2. Lyoto Machida

3. Rashad Evans

4. Forrest Griffin

5. Quinton Jackson

6. Antonio Rogerio Nogueira

7. Ryan Bader

8. Jon Jones

9. Thiago Silva

10. Rich Franklin


Lightweight Division

Welterweight Division

Middleweight Division

Heavyweight Division

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I agree.


I completely disagree!!

How could you say Franklin doesn't belong above Jones, Bader or Silva?! Who the hell have they beat?

I can see making a point for Jones, as he's been very impressive in his victories, but Bader and Silva don't really deserve it. If Bader gets 7th for knocking out Keith Jardine, then Rich Franklin should be ranked 1st.

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