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Daley didn't appreciate Dana's pink slip delivery


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Paul Daley's abrupt exit from the UFC didn't come as a shock to many after the British fighter took a cheap shot at Josh Koscheck following their fight at UFC 113 back in May. Even Daley wasn't surprised to hear the news that he was out of the UFC, he just didn't like the way the message was delivered.


As Daley got back to his hotel in Montreal, fans approached him for pictures and autographs, and it was at that point he was told the news that he was out of the UFC for good.


"Dana White's character, I would have expected nothing less than getting kicked out of the UFC. He could have done it a little more gracefully and told me personally," Daley said about the incident on MMAWeekly Radio.


Instead, he found out from a fan seeking his autograph at the hotel, who told him, ?Dana just said you're never going to fight in the UFC again.?


That was the first he had heard of his firing, and just like that he was out of the UFC.


While the pink slip was expected, he says even now he's never spoken to the UFC president, and that was the only disappointing thing about the whole situation.


"To this day I've still never heard nothing from Dana," Daley commented. "With all the talk Dana gives and the attitude of being a big man that he is, he could have at least came to my face and said 'Paul, I don't respect what you did, I think you're an (expletive) or a jerk or whatever, you're not going to fight here again.'


"But still to this day, I've had no phone call, no e-mail, no nothing, so that just goes to show the treatment I received having fought (Martin) Kampmann at late notice, and fought co-main event on my second fight in the UFC, and done a bunch of media work for them in the U.K. There's some things I don't agree with, but I'm happy to move on."


Daley tries to avoid talking about the UFC too much simply because he knows there was life for him before he was there, and he will survive without them as well. He does believe there is certain treatment handed out to certain fighters, and he was not one of them.


"The UFC is the UFC. It's like a secret society type club, there's a lot of favoritism going on and all kinds of (expletive)," Daley explained.


Of course with other situations that have happened in the past, despite Dana White's obvious protests, Daley doesn't believe the door is locked on him returning to the UFC one day. Several fighters have had ties severed with the UFC only to come back one day.


Karo Parisyan was notoriously let go last year after falling out of a fight. The brash UFC president erupted on Twitter firing the Armenian fighter, and proclaimed he'd never fight in the Octagon again. After cleaning up his act and getting a fight outside the promotion, Parisyan is scheduled to return to the UFC this November at UFC 123.


Daley isn't focused on returning to the UFC though, because he believes there are still plenty of opportunities out there for him and he's happy to explore his options.


"Obviously, I'm going to go where the opportunities arrive. In the near future I don't see myself fighting for the UFC. I've got a few decent offers on the table. I'm just going to deal with Jorge Masvidal on Saturday, and then it's on to the next one, but yeah, never say never," Daley said.


"Not being in the UFC's not going to sway what I'm destined to be, and that's to be a champion."


Daley's next challenge will be a Saturday night showdown with Jorge Masvidal at Shark Fights 13 in Texas.

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Good read thanks, and yeah i wouldn't like to be fired from the UFC and not even be told by the boss but by a random fan. It's pretty much to same as coming back from work and on the way out the postman says "Oh by the way you're fired".

However like he said he deserved being fired. However lots of other fighters in the UFC have done stupid things. Nate the great sucker punched Almeida and was allowed in the UFC.


Daley via KO in his next fight

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