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copy/paste article about an wrestler who hasnt lost since 2003


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I found this to be very funny....becuase its true, you can find the rest at mmafanhouse



But for those of us who have defended the wrestler's right to ply his trade in MMA, McKee presents a philosophical problem. His commitment to winning fights without ever putting himself at risk or concerning himself with entertaining the fans is so complete that it almost borders on an abuse of the scoring system. His salary is paid by fans who want to be entertained, and yet he has never (until now, anyway) expressed any desire to give them a show.


Doesn't that seem somehow, I don't know, wrong?


Short answer: yes. Long answer: maybe, but the only thing worse than watching an Antonio McKee fight would be manipulating the rules so as to render that type of fight an impossibility.


I feel about McKee's style and his defense of it the same way I feel about the people who say idiotic things and then claim First Amendment protection. That is to say, I don't personally enjoy it, but I respect their right to do it. The damage we would do by trying to stop it would far outweigh the damage that is done to our delicate sensibilities by sitting through it. What he's doing is legal. It's fair. It's just not much fun.

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