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The KING Ask: 5K vs MMA Addiction, who's the 2nd Best Forum behind UFC


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Since the UFC Forum is the No. 1 P4P Forum, the King will ask you now, if whick other forum do you think ranks 2nd to the UFC

5K (Five Knuckles) or MMA Addiciton.

THe King experience to post on both sites, although I'm banned at 5K now, but whining is not my bussiness. So it's your show now.


Consider all the aspects of the site before you vote. Like the Mods, Current posters (Which majority are ex-UFC forum members which gone on rebellion or banned here), the technicalities like which one is much faster, then one of the critical aspects you must consider is the RULES of the site.

Your vote here might be critical since the winner here might advertise on their site that they are now the No. 2 Forum, just behing UFC.


Pay ye respect to the King before you vote.

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I bow to the King. Now, may I vote?



While this site has many members and can be fun, it does not offer knowledge and substance. I come here to relax and torment members and excercise my trash talk.


I am currently a member of a prestigious educational forum which could easily rival this one. I would give you a link but that is against the rules.


So my vote goes for "other."

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5k all the way for me personally, saw something about more knowledgeable posters on addiction which i found unbelievable to be frank. I always imagine addiction as the kids on the back on the bus trying to be cool. I'm sure there is more to it than that as i see some decent posters from here do go there however the main man & his groupies just annoy me.


5k has more interest for me personally and thats all i base my opinion on.

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i bow before you raffy.

i am am member of both forums and addiction is far superior. far more knowledge and entertainment than 5k. better mods and better posters. were even allowed curse and have arcade games.

addiction ftw


Wow, so all two of you voted for that joke of a forum. Didn't mean for all of their members to show up here at once,

If you like it there sooooo much, and hate it here soooo much. Leave, and do not come back. Please/

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