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fan rivalrys?


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because of ****s


but why must they hug the nuts so hard?


Exactly. The credibility of what they post goes way down because of such extreme nut huggage.


yeah same for me' date=' im a GSP and BJ penn fan. so im really torn when I see all the threads of the purist nutthuggers argueing[/quote']


You know that people got banned for using that stupid term... right?


In any case, I am what you would call a GSP nut hugger and also a big BJ Penn fan. I like Brock Lesnar, and think that Fedor is the HW GOAT. I like A.Silva and Shogun.


So, fact is, nut hugging has **** to do with this...

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i personally am a fan of anderson as well as shogun. why does each seem to be exclusive in the forums?


People always call fan who have a different opinion of them on a fighter they hate .


Is more easier to say ur a nutt hugger then using fact and reality cause most of the time is only kids who just cant take it when there wrong .


Anyway i find that people start to use there brain and stop insulting poster who dont agree with them .

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