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members with fighting experience please help


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also try using a sauna a lot' date=' and starve yourself up until the weigh in can do it but than your hungry and a little weaker...[/quote']


Yeah i used the sauna earlier and lost 4 pounds and im starving myself now. I bought some tablets that get rid of water in your body dunno how well theyll work though

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cleanse your bowels. no joke' date=' go drink a lot of the fast acting herbal tea that clears out everything coating your intestinal tract and you can lose anywhere from 1-4lbs of fecal matter clinging to your insides. You should be able to find it at a health store.[/quote']


LOL check this out. Same effect, MUCH cheaper. take a small jar of pickles or olives and drink all the juice. The vinegar not only dries you out but it cleans out your intestines and colon completely.


Just dont get too far from a bathroom for about 4 hours because you will be in there a lot and you wont get much warning between squirts.

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