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Wrestling is the best form of grappling.


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Wrestling is better and wrestlers will dominate. There are some exceptions like Shogun and Anderson though. They are good enough to use their BJJ to take out dominant wrestlers. A awesome wrestler with very little BJJ knowledge would defeat an awesome BJJ practioner with decent wrestling.

Yeah, most of us agree with that.


However, in regard to the last sentence => Maia vs. Sonnen.... hmmmmm..... BJJ showed superiority.

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In wrestling you can not strike and can not utilize slams if you pick the opponent over your head. So no wrestling can not finish fights.


This. Wrestling in and of itself does nothing but put you in better position to land strikes and pull off submission attempts in MMA. Wrestling does not finish fights. BJJ does. Sambo does. Judo does.


I'm getting sick of Joe Rogan saying that wrestling is the best background for MMA. If you can't strike without losing top position or go for sub attempts don't go into mma.

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