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If the UFC introduced a FW division


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I remember there was a lot of talk last year about a merger between the UFC and WEC which would involve adding Featherweight and Bantamweight fighters to the UFC roster. Talk seems to have died down now so I can only assume that things are staying as they are.


It's fairly common in the UFC these days to see a fighter who isn't doing as well as he'd like in his own division making a move down in weight in the hope of achieving better success (Vera, Bisping, Kampmann, Swick, etc). This is all fine and dandy, until we reach the LW division. There's only 10 pounds difference between LW and FW and there's no doubt that a number of fighters could easily make the cut. But the fact is that making the cut down to FW means moving to a different organisation where the publicity and the pay is likely to be less. We've seen it happen a few times (with guys like Manny Gamburyan and Jens Pulver) but it's very uncommon when you consider the number of guys who could make the cut.


My question is. If the UFC introduced a FW division to the UFC, which of the LWs do you think would be able to make the cut, and which do you think would choose to?

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