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Darren Sherlock Promising 'Quality Show' At Fight Ikon 4 Tomorrow


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To wrap up a Fight Ikon crazy day at BritMMA, Darren Sherlock speaks to us about tomorrow's event. He's promising a 'quality show,' filled with up and comers.


"We've got two very good Pro fights on the card though, with Lee Chadwick (7-6-1) fighting Paul Moore (1-1) and Neil Laird (Pro debut but 4-1 Semi Pro) fighting Phil Flynn (3-3). We've had Phil on the show before and he's always entertaining.We've also got some good Semi Pro's on. There's quite a few local lads."


Darren is of the opinion that some of the fighters on the undercard could be ones to watch in the future. Earmarked by the promoter were, "Kostadin Toychev who's fought on our show before. I think he's only 1-1 at the minute, but he's a very good up and comer.


"We've got some interesting first timers as well, including Josh Ramm, who's a Black Belt in Judo and has been selected for the 2012 Olympic Team. I'll be interested to see how that works in MMA. We've also got Scott Haydock from Predators, who's trained all his life. There's pictures of him as a six year old with a Black Belt over his head, and that could be quite a good fight as well. He's trained for a long time, so it will be good to see his skills getting put to the test."


To read the whole interview, visit here: http://britmma.co.uk/#/darren-sherlock-fight-ikon-4/4543886987

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