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Phil Flynn Looking To Blow Off 'Cobwebs' At Fight Ikon 4


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Another story ahead of Fight Ikon 4 - Fight Ignite, as Phil Flynn talks to BritMMA.co.uk about his fight tomorrow night, as well as why he's fallen in love with the sport again and his ongoing feud with Mick Bowman! A choice quote...


"Unless he kills me or takes my jaw clean off tomorrow, I'll be fighting Mick Bowman on October 2nd," noted Flynn. "I'll go into it injured if I have to; I'm just sick of hearing about it now. I've got nothing against him, but at one point I was seeing his name in my sleep I was that angry about it all, and there's no way it won't happen now.


"I'm well up for it. Win or lose he's a top opponent, and I want to get in there, have a good old brawl and a rumble and get out.


"I'm in a better situation than him. I'm in a no lose situation. I've lost my last two fights at 70kg, and am 0-2 at the weight. If he loses to me, that will put him back a bit, but if I beat a guy that's 6-2, then it's happy days for me and it puts me back on the map."


Check out the full thing here: http://britmma.co.uk/#/phil-flynn-fight-ikon-4-laird/4543885895

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