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Kimbo vs Toney


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I bet Kimbo would atleast have some balls to stand with Toney. I give it to Couture for winning but he should have taken some hits from Toney before he took him down. For his own sake and for a better fight.




An mma fighter deciding to stand with a Pro Boxer, Not Balls just plain silly.


Couture played it smart.

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Seems to me like a decent matchup.


not even close to a decent matchup...Kimbo is not a good boxer/striker/standup fighter...he just throws bombs all the time...Toney would eat that up an KO Kimbo relatively early and easily...


even in MMA, i'm not sure Kimbo could win...Kimbo isn't doing any single leg TDs or explosive double legs...his takedowns are usually slams from clinch...and he doesn't seem quick enough to get that clinch...

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