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UFC Forum Championship


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This is how it will go: Everyone will sig bet on all the PPV fights on the UFC 119 event with everyone else that is doing this. When the event is over the winners and losers will be numbered by myself and whoever has the most correct sig bets gets the Forum Championship. Example of this would be; I bet someone that Cro Cop, Nogueira, Serra, Dunham, and Stephens were going to win but I got the Cro Cop, Serra and Dunham fights right and the Nogueira and Stephens fights wrong then my sig bet will be 3-2. This goes with all the fights and you must sig bet everyone involved. You will total up all the ones you got right with everyone and all the ones you got wrong. This will be like a fight record and whoever has the least loses will be champ.


Just trying this out to see how you guys like it.

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