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How many other sports do you watch Besides MMA?


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I watch the world series and NBA finals, even though I don't really watch MLB or NBA otherwise.


I watch the NFL and occasionally college football.


I watch grand slam tennis tournaments.


I watch formula one racing.


I watch the major european soccer tournaments(Eufa and champions) and world cups.


i watch any major OMFG boxing card , usually 2-3 a year.

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im canadian if you can't tell by my sig:


1 hockey: carolina hurricanes

2. brazillian jui jitsu

3. football: cincinati bengals

4. lacrosse: peterborough lakers( hometown boys and soon to be 2010 mann cup champs)

5. basketball: boston celtics

6. wrestling(NCAA not wwe)

7. tennis

8. track and field



a canadian that likes Carolina??????? thats pretty rare lol can i ask why?

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i'm a big poker player' date=' but calling it a sport is such a joke[/quote']


Yep I love poker as well.. definitely a game though.


Speaking of Poker anyone else see Hendo kick some ****. I only saw the first part where he knocked out Randy and was schooling a former ( 2 time I think? ) world champ poker star. Anyone else catch the second part? Did he win the whole thing?

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This is gonna make me sound like a bandwagoneer but I'm not haha:


1. NFL- Saints (because my step-dad has been a Saints fan his whole life)

2. MLB- Yankees (My whole family have always been Yankees fans)

3. NBA- Lakers (When I was really little Shaq was the only player I knew and he was on the Lakers at the time)

4. NCAA: Louisville

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I'm an American(if you couldn't tell) Outside of MMA I watch-


in order of favorite sports


1 NFL My team is the Buffalo Bills and Baltimore Ravens


2 MLB Yankees


3 NBA Knicks and Suns


4 College football USC


Favorite Player Ray Lewis. I would love t see him in MMA he would kill walker.


Big Ray is also my favourite player in the NFL. I love the D, more than the O.

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i follow the NBA/Basketball probably more then i do MMA, but barely, and i also follow the NHL/Hockey being from where i am from. I do occasionally look into whats going on in the NFL & the MLB but i won't watch the games, sometimes the highlights, unless the Toronto Blue Jays win the World Series i don't **** with baseball.

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MLB- Atlanta Braves

NFL- NY Giants' date=' Atlanta Falcons

NBA- LA Lakers, Atlanta Hawks


love college football and basketball, world soccer, but MLS is ****. a little hockey here and there, tennis.


i've gone through periods where ive watched every major sport frequently over the years.[/quote']


Bet ya can't wait to see the diva's in miami get beat down to earth by Kobe and the champs huh? =P


Yeah heres mine: NFL - Ravens, Brett Favre (Vikings in todays day and age)

NHL - Calgary.

NBA - Lakers, Kobe's the man

MLB some. Blue Jays since I'm from Canada :P Otherwise, any low budget team that's winnin

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