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Gavin Sterritt: "All Will Go Well In Blackpool; There Is No Supposing About It"


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This Friday at UCC 3: 'Night Breed' at the Syndicate Nightclub in Blackpool, Gavin Sterritt (1-1) will fight for the second time in two weeks against Greece's Skowlas Emanouel. Coming off a quick Submission win over Billy Glossop at Knuckle Up, the Wolfslair's Sterritt is full of confidence and is raring to go ahead of this bout. He took some time out of his training to do a Q&A with BritMMA.co.uk ahead of this contest.


A couple of tasters:


Q: Supposing all goes well in Blackpool, what do you want next? Is there anyone in particular you'd like to fight?


A: All will go well in Blackpool, there is no supposing about it. I just want to keep winning and fight the best guys. I'm not into calling people out to be honest, I'll leave that to the other little *****es on the internet who play at this sport because they were bullied at school.


Q: On the card, you take on Skowlas Emanouel. Do you know anything at all about him? If not, how hard is it going into a fight against an unknown quantity like this?


A: The only people I know from Greece are Stavros Flatley and if he has footwork like them then I'm ****ed. I'm not bothered about it though, because I'm unknown in Greece so it's a level playing field.


Read the whole piece here: http://britmma.co.uk/#/gavin-sterritt-ucc-blackpool/4543961979

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