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Comeback fighter of 2010


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Career. Stephan was quietly fading into the woodwork with what like 1-5


Bonnar has two losses and a stoppage... and re-matched the stoppage to put on a great performance and finish Soszynski. The American Psycho Pose at the end was instant classic too. But Bonnar's performances have always been exciting and one win doesn't neccessarily conclude a comeback.


Shogun's career was definitely in a pit losing to Forrest and gassing to Coleman. With a 1st round KO over Chuck somehow Shogun acquired a shot at the title where he was a huge underdog. Well we all know what eventually happened. Shogun went from being rated #9 in the LHW division to holding the belt.



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yep.... BJ cant fight at WW all he is going to do is sit around eating whatever he wants while hanging out with his daughter. He is going to come into the fight looking pudgey as always and Matt will take him down and win a UD.... so mabey crush was the wrong word to use.


He submitted Matt Hughes at WW and your saying he cant fight at WW.


Grow a Brain.


BJ Penn has only fought the best the UFC has had in their primes and all of a sudden he cant fight WW? lol stupid is stupid duh duh does.

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keep telling your self that.... Oh yeah I reamber he lost to GSP cause he was all gresed up and he hurt his rib against Matt. The only win he has at WW is the one aginst Matt all the others are losses. Sure it was against top WW but the win loss ratio is still leaning toward the losing side. The question you need to ask is what will be his excuse this time when he loses?

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Comeback fighter has to go to Leben. If Bonnar picks up another win in December he'll be a clear cut second as far as the UFC goes.


Though honestly if Lesnar takes out Velasquez he might even beat out Leben. That would be taking out two undefeated fighters in one year after almost dieing.

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