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The Natural vs The Spider


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We all know that (PED's) asside Chael Sonnen set the best blue print for defeating the Spider Anderson Silva, now Chael has also stated and I agree with him that Randy Couture would take hinm to school because he is a much better wrestler he has a much better game in the clinch and he has a better boxing pedigree, and these are all aspects that Sonnen exploited in Silva.


So with that said and Randy Couture contenplating retirement for the film industry he may only have a handfull of fights left and I feel that in a 3 round LHW battle Randy Coutre could pull of the victory over Anderson Silva and potentially finish the fight. It makes more sense than a lot of fights that the UFC set up and it would either end in specatular fashion or end as the best way the retire Couture (Beating the UFC's most dominant champion in the middleweight and possible all of UFC).


Thoughts ? Outcomes how you see it goin down if it happens and what you think in general is this a legiable fight or a dream that is not goin to occur Thankyou

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