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how many people have grown a beard since brock grew one???


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Unfortunately i can grow a beard like Brock's and a lot faster than him aswell :( i shave in the morning and by midday stubble starts coming through as thick as an ape... i hate it im constantly shaving lol and to make it worse i have dark hair lol must be an italian thing were all hairy:(


lmao me too....damn hairy i-talians ;)

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Lol' date=' I started growing a beard about the same time as Brock, but not because he started growing one. I'm going as Opie Winston from Sons of Anarchy for Halloween.[/quote']


Same here but I'm gonna be a super Mexican. I shaved though cause I unexpectedly had a date with my girl & I don't want her to see me like that. I can't grow a good one yet, I'm 17 but it gets scruffy & kinda patchy.


There are kids at my school with better beards than Brock though... Right now all the nerds have like perfect beards it's weird.

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