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What is it about Japanese fighters that makes their transition to the UFC so poor?


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Its pretty much, cultural.... they produce stellar exponents of different martial arts, though...


a) they are highly pride driven, especially in the arts, so selling out to a commercial venture isnt on the radar for serious exponents.


B) generally one dimensional fighters, very good at what they do, though religiously true to one discipline.


Most people wont admit it, though asiatic fighters are the future of MMA.... there are kids all over asia training harder than the most devoted western athletes, from kung fu, to muay thai.... a great deal of these kids who are serious fighters, in their adolescence get cut down by weapons in their prime..... soon enough these mid teir machines will broaden their horizons, and with the growing availability of trainers, will become serious cross-code contenders.... dont believe me, there is 5 yr old thai kids out there, smashing heavy bags day in day out with their shins. Lord help the western fighter trying to chop them down because the thai kid has TDD and/or wicked BJJ.

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the diet they have in japan mostly fish and other things they eat less red meat than us in the west which they dont produce as much growth hormone so dont grow as big or strong as athletes in the west, you will never get a japanese carwin or brock, okami is about as big as they get as a serious athlete

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Is it the difference in the ring and the cage?


The audience in America being so much louder and distracting?


Are Japanese fighters generally less athletic due to perhaps a lower amount of calories consumed during adolescence?


I don't understand it at all.


The only japanese fighters coming to the UFC are coming to fight top guys.


You get to watch a UFC fighters first 10 fights where he gets easy Ws.

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