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UFC Around the horn.


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It will be like ESPN Around the horn but we'll do it on MMA Topics. I need 4 knowledgeable posters and I will give points for valid points made and take away points for stupid ****.You will also get points everytime another member gives you a "+1"


So who is in?


EDIT: Also my opinion will be non-biased. So even if you're a Tito and Silva hater but you make the most valid points and best argument you sill still get credit for it.


First 4 people will be in. I don't know who is still signed up for the in the other one so whoever wants in come in.


The first Topic will be - Bisping Akiyama who wins and why


Buy or Sell - Brock Lesnar is the Greatest UFC HW Champion ever if he beats Cain.

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Wasn't sure who was still on. SO I just made this one I was gonna have the mods delete the other one. I'll probably try again tomorrow when there's more people on.



Send me a PM when you're doing it. If I'm around, I'll be in.

You'll have to explain the concept, however. I'm not too familiar with the show. Only seen bits and pieces of it.

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