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Jonny knoxvile should fight some one in the UFC as an exibition!


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i remembered one of the older episodes of **** they went to a gym and had someone spar with a fighter i dont think he was that big of a name but he hit hard. They also let him punch the camera dude in the stomache as hard as he could it was pretty funny.


It was Butter Bean I think, and yes he hits hard

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It was Butter Bean I think' date=' and yes he hits hard[/quote']


i know they did something with butterbean but they also had Dunn spar with someone in a cage im pretty sure. i found it it was Nigel "The Hammer" Hudson




They've done both of them.

They also had Dunn get the **** kicked out of him by a female kickboxing champion named Kumagai Naoka.

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