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Chael Sonnen VS Wanderlie


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think about it. chael said some sh*t like " eh used to be a fighter. it would be cool cause chael is a smack talker and wandy is a wild mass murderer. but i thing its a bad match up for waandy. unless chael is a frail woman without the testosterone.


Look at Wanderlei's stats and then look at Chael's. No comparison. Chael is a nobody except his recent publicity due to his mouth not his wins. Wanderlei has only had 1 fight in the 185 division and his only fight was against one of the most technical strikers in the division. Therefore he fought a very conservative fight except for the final 10 seconds of each round.

Every round at the 10 sec. left mark, look back at what Wand did........he reverted back to his old self and demolished Bisping. Can you say "saved by the bell"? He would have submitted him in the 2nd, then he knocked him silly to the ground at the end of the 3rd. Basically he fought very technically (which is not his natural style) then unleashed the "axe murderer" when he knew he could let it loose with out fear of another loss.

In the first set of UFC fights, he had to adapt and got caught a lot. He learned that he is probably better suited to the 185 class due to size differences, then learned to become a more balanced technically fighter. I think most supposed fans of MMA have underestimated who he is and what his capabilities are. I am most impressed that he has adapted his game and will surprise/shake up his new home in the 185 class. Let him heal then let him perform before you pass judgements based on non-sense or emotions.

I think Vitor and Wanderlei are going to be the ones to watch come 2011! Of course the Spider, Leben, Bisping, et are no easy tasks, but I think Vitor and Wand are the sleepers that will surprise many supposedly educated fans.

Go shake it up in 2011,


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