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Official Bisping Tko'ed Akiyama thread- 10/15/10


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Akiyama has not faced any real competition and please dont mention Kang or Manhoef, those guys arent in the UFC for a reason. Akiyama doesnt have the pedigree to be in the UFC. He barely got passed Belcher and was beaten by one of the most underrated fighters(Leben) in the UFC.

Now all of a sudden you think this guy is going to beat Micheal B? He barely got passed Belcher. He lost to Leben. He hasnt even had enough time to train since that loss, not that it matters because Akiyama is an old dog now.

Like Mike B or not, this fight is in the bag for him. He is much more sound than Leben or Belcher in striking, both guys gave Akiyama problems.Mike B has wrestling that always seems to be an advantage against Asian fighters. Most of all, Mike B is coming off a very important win for him and is riding the momentum train. Some of you really need to analyze the better fighter instead of thinking like a girl on the rag.

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