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So by some of your logic...


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Jon Fitch has no MMA skills.


Think about it.

He's a relatively big WW, and only uses his wrestling while he sits on top of you so you can't get up.

I've been reading posts about a certain UFC HW champion "not having skills" which is complete garbage.


For example:

i'd agree if brock had skill.

but he doesn't have mma skills

key word is skills


so what does he use to win? his size advantage' date=' he gets the take down , sits on them so they can't get up and pounds away.


don't get of subject now , noob[/quote']


(Now we all know this poster is a joke with little to no MMA knowledge)


Is he huge? Yeah.

Is he a freak of a man? Yeah.

Does he have any skills? Yeah.

He has effective wrestling, and vicious GnP.

Does anyone say Mark Munoz isn't an MMA fighter? He has the exact same skillset.

So before you come up with that "He has no skills" BS again... I want you to think about this...



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For starters, Jake proves himself to be a complete retard with every post he ever puts up. Comparing Fitch to Lesnar is ****ing stupid. Both or predominantly Wrestlers, who rely on it to win fights. But..., Lesnar actually causes damages, or fights, when he's on the ground. Fitch just Wrestles, nothing more. **** Fitch.

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I think Brock's size and athletitism plays a big part on him winning fights. Sure he's a great wrestler, but take away some of that size and would he still be great? Probably, but he wouldn't be able to hold people down as easy.


And if he was the size of say Cain Valesquez do you still think coming into the ufc with a 1-0 record that he would be HW champ right now? I don't think so. Skill wise he's good, he's a hard worker and fast learner, but I think he has a way to go before he's a well rounded fighter.


I'm ready to see some more of his fights though.

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