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Summary of 120..yes 120


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Im an idiot first off first off.

All great matchups first off. After watching the weigh ins, it reallly puts this card in perspective, each fight individually. Now hopefully they pan out as they should. Heres my thoughts though.


Hopefully they show the Mcsweeney fight seeing as it is the first match of the night, really interested to see how he does for the better or the worse.


Diabette Gustaffson- Good fight..never seen Gustaffson fight though


Wilks Patrick- Patrick wins this one slickly. Wilks is a chump


Kongo Browne- Kongo is a funny dude. The dudes a robot moving in slow motion, seems like he knows already that hes in for a long night.


Hathaway Pyle- Holy Ish. Now I saw the Hathaway Diego fight but damn. This son of a ____ is a child. A very athleticly good fighting child. Seriousley, I could see this guy defiantly moving up in weight in his career.


Hardy Condit- Hope this fight gets some kind of bonus. The outlaw is defiantly having mixed emotions right now. Seems like hes so confident because he feels like he needs to be in order to be Carlos Condit. I got Condit winning, but can def see Hardy pulling off a Knockout out of no where.


Bisping AKiyama- Bisping being Bisping. Another Dan Hardy situation is what it looks like to me..but atleast he gave Sexyama the selected respect.


Anyone relate

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