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New Braunfels Unicorns vs Steele Knights


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So tonight we had a football game against the steele knights.

They are a 5A football team in SA, TX and they have the number 1 running back in the country. He's verbally committed to Texas. It was awesome watching it and it was such a great game.

We were losing 7-0 at halftime and we were doing pretty good stopping Malcolm.

We scored at the beginning of the 3rd quarter and it stayed 7-7 until we had an awesome drive towards the end of the 4th. We scored a field goal with 49 seconds left. We stopped them and on 4th down they threw a deep ball but a pass interference was called. They had the ball at about the 30 and it stayed there until 3rd down and they did a play action. We were too focused on their running back getting the ball and there was a blown coverage. Their guy caught a touchdown will 8 seconds left. They kick off and we got to like the 30. There was 1 second left on the clock and they were playing prevent so we did a screen to our fastest guy (4.34) and he was hauling *** but was finally brought down at about the 25. It was such an exciting finish.


They also had a FRESHMAN that ran a 4.3 flat that hurt us.

And a huge d-linemen going to Oklahoma.


PS. The no.1 running back's name is Malcolm Brown. He's going to be a huge force in college.

You can look him up.

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