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Well, haven't been on here for a while, been mad busy...yeah I've missed the place too lol.


...Really looking forward for tonights UFC, another great card from Dana and Co. Can't be there though sadly, pretty gutted. Just wonna start with some of tonights bouts >> James Wilks vs. Claude Patrick is gonna be the shock of the night for everyone IMO. Many people including the bookies have the Canadian as favorite. However, its Claude's first encounter with a Brit/Yank ;- ) > JW win TKO 2nd round....


Kongo vs. Brown - tricky call I imagine? Cheick needs a roll of wins coming back from the losses of Mir and Cain, Buentello was the way forward, followed by Travis hopefully. Not to mention, this is 'technically' Travis' UFC debut > King Kong FTW!.....


John Hathaway vs Mike(s) 'got' Pyle(s) > lol sorry, couldn't resist. John's outstading 14 bout record speaks for itself. Many would argue he's got the best chance (out of the Brits) to win a belt before anyone else does, and I quite agree! > John FTW....


The main bout that I'm looking forward to is Mr.Hardy vs. Condit - the winner gets a shot at Hughes or Penn / vice versa for the losers. Condit's no mug whatsoever, but can't see him getting past our Dan, FFS he's way more hungry than ever - and way more skilled than before > Hardy FTW 1st round KO of the night....


Mike Bisping vs. Yoshi Akiyama > we all know Mike beat Chris Leben round the same time he was indulging in M&M's - and Yoshi lost to Chris only this year (without his M&M's), so to me, that speaks volumes! > Bisping FTW 3rd round Sub of the night!


>>>and good luck to all the other Brits on the under/card too<<<




Looking forward to reading Sir Fu's thread/book also. Read a little last night, very intriguing stuff. I'll definitely scope it all tomorrow afternoon, mate :)


...Let me just rudely interrupt myself for some forum madness>>




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Gday TS' date='


Bisping FTW and F Chelsea !!! :D :D :D[/quote']


Why do you alway use TS instead of OP, no offence dude but your the only one iv ever seen using TS.


please do tell J/k



Sup Mancunianbulldog no i didn't read your thread i whent straight for the Question :)

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I'll take the underdog Claude Patrick hard to say though James might be a step up too much.

Agreed on Kongo wouldn't be surpized if he subs him.

John Hathaway by UD

Going with Condit call me crazy but I think he's gonna take it to Hardy.

Akiyama by tko if not Bisping SD


OP = original poster?

TS = ??????? ??????



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