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Is Dana White and the UFC cashing-in at the expense of the sports integrety?


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With so much push for this sport to be considered legimate worldwide, is Dana White and and the UFC instead trying to cash-in on controversy and dramatic WWE type moments, rather than discouraging or even penalizing such conduct in order to maintain the sports credibility?


Is there a push for fight judge and referee reform, and the implimentation of a proper training and scoring system? Or are they purposely sticking with the status-quo, in hopes for bad decisions in order to create drama and controversy? And saying that it's out of their hands is not a legitimate excuse. For both businesses are in direct conjunction with one another to the sport.


Are fighter's being discouraged or even penalized (as is with other professional sports organization's such as the NHL) for taking WWE type dives in order to curry favor with the ref's and judge's? Josh Koscheck received 2 fight bonuses totaling $140,000 after his "performance" at UFC 106 against Johnson. And following his "performance" at UFC 113, he was given a title shot and a spot as a coach on The Ultimate Fighter. In both instances, Dana White seemed to laugh it off or even come to Koscheck's defense, rather than taking stern measures to discourage such behavior.


Are the juvenille antics that take place on The Ultimate Fighter being discouraged in order to maintain the sports integrety? Or are they being fueled by supplying these young impressionable men with copious amounts of alcohol in hopes of the drama that it will create in order to sell the show?


Many people that watch mma fighting also watch the WWE, as well as other reality tv show's. So all of this artificial drama that is either being created or condoned is probably right up their alley. However, I and many other's are concerned with this sport maintaining its credibility and integrety, rather than just becoming another form of the WWE or primetime reality tv freak show in order to sell ticket's and pay-per-views.


Your thoughts...

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Agree with some of points, and disgree with others.


Certainly Josh Koscheck should not have been allowed coach for TUF, especially after his "performance" against Daley, those types of actions should not lead you to mentoring up and coming stars in the UFC. However, the winner of the Daley / Koscheck fight got the title shot, and as lame a fight as it was, he still won it, and hence deserves a shot, but with luck, it will be his last.


The UFC does not control who referees or judges the fights they promote, that is upto the Athletic State Commision, and where the Fertitta brothers may hold a little sway with certain members of the Commisions in a few states, largely, there isn't much they can do to effect how the sport is governed. Changes certainly need to be made, if for nothing other than consistancy in how matches are called.


The Ultimate Fighter is the only reality show I watch, and where I do enjoy some of the drama that unfolds during it, I would rather the sport take off because of the competition envolved, rather than any characters, or shennanigans on TUF.

However, I feel it's a small price to pay for the mass increase in popularity that has came with the show. Without TUF, the UFC and MMA in general would not be as popular as it is now, so we probably wouldn't have the wealth of talent currently competing, not to mention the influx of future stars in the making for the next generation.


Sometimes you simply have to take the good with the bad, for overall gain. Sure, it would be nice to see changes made, but for now, I say let the sport grow, and the talent pool with it, and gradually iron out the creases as time passes.

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