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Michael "The Count...er of points" Bisping


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The Bisping hater's code.


Rip on Bisping if he wins

Rip on Bisping if he loses

Rip on anyone who expresses any support for Bisping at any time.


Dude get over it. If you don't like a guy then don't talk about him. It's threads like this that are the reason Bisping will always be earning a huge pay cheque no matter who he's fighting. All threads like this do are create discussion and build and maintain his fame and recognisability making sure that he'll continue to headline/co-headline cards, thus meaning you'll have to keep watching his interviews and keep watching him get hyped up before each fight.

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^' date=' bigger point fighter than gsp[/quote']




If it wasnt for the accidental low kick I think Mike would have stopped him.. he had 4 minutes or so to recover. Sexy was getting mauled!


Great fight by Bisping. Loved the flying knee and the spinning backfist.. shame neither really landed.


Looks like Mike cant do right for doing wrong.. he tried to finish the fight but sexy has a great chin!

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