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Thiago/Sanchez Who takes it?


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I'd like to put some money on this fight in favor of Sanchez, simply because I think he has a pretty good chance as an underdog.


Now I know most of you, including myself would pick Thiago as the winner, but lets looks beyond that simple judgment and see what we can work out here. Sanchez is back at Jacksons camp, I'd feel better if he never left but its a step in the right direction. Thiago's weakness is his TDD, although he has great jits, Sanchez can be a beast when he's on top. I can see Sanchez repeatedly attempting TD's, getting some, putting the hurt on and rinse and repeat.


Diego's standup is eh. Looking much like a robot, he doesn't defend well against counter punchers and could easily get caught with a Thiago uppercut or left hook, which I'm sure he's looking into. Thiago's standup isnt much better, but is to some degree, which is why I would suggest Diego takes this one down.


Lastly, Sanchez looked terrible against Hathaway. I mean, just baddd. Yes with an emphasize on bad, which worries me. Thiago, not looking that great against Kampman helps this out a bit, but still Sanchez didnt do a single thing in fight except look really bad.


Im hoping he comes out back in shape, put on some real weight, not doritos and taco bell weight and put his mind back into the fight.


Who you got, and why? Agree or disagree, hearing all arguments.

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