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You KNOW the Sassangle won the submission of the night. It just had to be. Props to him on his successful debut.


Submission of the Night: Paul Sass


Domestic MMA fans know full well what the "Sassangle" is, and there's no doubt Mark Holst will have done his research. With seven straight wins via triangle choke, the Liverpudlian Paul Sass' guard is known as an unsafe place to be. Sass used his opponent's advances to pull guard numerous times, with Holst seeming aware of the threat and escaping. However, when Holst chose to engage him on the ground, Sass locked on his trademarked 'Sassangle' and ended the fight.


Post-fight he noted that the submission "just comes naturally" and a momentous first Octagon victory also added a hefty amount to his purse.



The rest are here:



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I gotta say I was highly impressed with Mr. Sass. Between his aggressive gaurd pulls, high rate of activity and aggression , and the constant submission threats, he was the first guy in a very long time that was very clearly winning the fight from the bottom position.

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