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Sheick kongo vs browne..


whatsup with that? One could easily argue that browne won the fight in a close desicion without a point being deducted from kongo.


Then, even with a -point to kongo, how in the world can the judges make that a draw?

I know I know, big whoop, happens all the time.. But seriously wth is up with the judges, what steps are the ufc taking to improve this injust judging system? get new judges already, or get like 7-10 or so

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But their argument (the judges) is that Kongo would've won had he not had the point deduction (29-28 Kongo without the penalty). While I do hate the controlling the guy up against the cage with minimal offense, I do feel that Kongo really worked the knees effectively. It's unfortunate that judging is going more towards control over effectiveness. I remember in 119 there was a fight where they spend the first 4 minutes of the round striking then when one guy who was on the losing end of the stand up went for a takedown, Joe Rogan was like "If he gets the takedown, it'll be enough to give him the round". Sadly that's most likely true. In Kongo's case, pinning his opponent against the cage for a majority of the first two rounds (I 30-second skipped through the 3rd round) clinched him the win, despite the fact that Browne probably did more damage to Kongo in that one punch than Kongo did in 3 rounds (well I still give credit to Kongo's knees).

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