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I actually thought Pyle would finish Hathaway, I picked this as one of my 'upsets'.


It should be good for Hathaway in the long term, he now knows where a few holes are in his game.


As for Pyle it is the perfect win at his stage in life, more main card action for him next time against a name like Lytle of even Diaz.

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knew Pyle was gonna school John Hathaway?


I didn't... Didn't think that was going to be an easy fight for Hathaway' date=' but tons of respect for Pyle. Amazing performance.


Nope, Hathaway didn't get schooled he got robbed. Cecil Peoples obviously gave a little bit of ambien to the other 2 judges aswell because they all got the fight *** backwards.


Dude, pass me that pipe once you're done smoking whatever it is you are...


I didn't but it still makes me happy to see the last hope of British mma go down in flames.


That's a lot of hate in just one person... do you hate anything not American?...

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