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Just me or did 120 seem irrelevent


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I honestly got some enjoyment out of the card, but I wasn't bashing it like everyone else was. The most lackluster fight was by far Kongo vs. Browne. Kongo looked like crap and how he didn't knock Browne out is beyond me. Once Browne takes the next step up he's getting KTFO. Throwing those crazy haymakers and dropping your hands is a sure way to wake up starring at the lights. I thought he was just messing around with McSweeney but his technique is garbage.


As for the rest of the event, Gustaffson vs. Diabate was awesome and I was glad they put that on there, Pyle vs. Hathaway was an exciting ground fight, Condit vs. Hardy....WOW! and Bisping vs. Akiyama was very enjoyable.

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