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Problems with ufc fighters.


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There is a story that i heard recently (although by the date on the article it happened awhile ago) about an irishman who nearly got into a fight with wwe superstar mark henry.


Here is the article, i dont watch wrestling but henry sounds like a right oul prick.




I am just wondering has anything like this ever happened to one of yous involving a ufc fighter. I would say that if a ufc fighter did what henry did he would probably find himself without a job, but i suspect things like this have happened pre zuffa when the fighters knew that there was no dana white to crack the whip.

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The wrestler must have been drunk because no one can be that much of a prick to a fan.




I actually remember this story in the newspaper and the irishman was average size, this kinda makes me angry because if someone brock or shane's size asked for an autograph then there would have been no confrontation at all imo.

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Since when does throwing a drink over someone, and then being held back by your co-workers constitute having a fight?


Also, the article contradicts itself, saying that Henry refused to sign the card, then later quoting the soaked fan as having said he walked away after Henry signed the card.


Just sounds like handbags at dawn to me.

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a friend of mine was in a club some time ago

he was deadly drunk, and bited a girl butt ( hail vodka)

then someone slaped him in the face

he used to train thay and bjj so got his hand up and looked for the fight

then he saw who slaped him

it was minotauro

true story

he just walked away pretending that nothing happened

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